Dr. Sid’s Kids Golf Tournament

By August 13, 2015Newsroom

This charity was recently set up to carry on the legacy of Dr. Sidney Torres, a local physician who worked as a pediatric anesthesiologist at Loma Linda University Medical Center for the past 30 years. Dr. Torres was diagnosed with a stage-four glioblastoma brain tumor in 2009 and fought a long battle until February 2015.

Dr. Torres was known for having a heart of gold and he loved children. He was a very loving physician who was well known and liked by anyone and everyone because he had such a gracious, loving heart. He was always willing to help someone in need, especially families with children. He paid medical bills for some, bought clothing, and even paid private school tuition.

This charity was set up to continue his legacy in helping ill children in need. The funds will go to Loma Linda Children’s hospital to help pay for copayments, etc.

Vivian Bauder
Physician Marketing Manager at IVIPA
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