EHS Medical Group Grows by 100,000 Members in 2012

By December 28, 2012Newsroom

Growth Represents a 37 Percent Increase in Membership

MONTEREY PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EHS Medical Group announced today that their membership grew by nearly 100,000 in 2012. The increase in membership translates to a growth of more than 37 percent.

“These are all opportunities to unleash our technology and know-how to improve the health of at-risk populations. We look forward to the challenge.”

EHS now has over 330,000 total members throughout the state of California.

The reason for EHS’ growth is attributed to the exclusive technology, competitive rates and financial leverage the medical group offers its members.

“I think we’ve come a long way,” said Dr. Imad El Asmar of IMD Medical Group about his practice’s improvement in care since he joined EHS. “As far as quality, it has gone up by a great deal. A lot of this is thanks to the managed care center.”

EHS Medical Group estimates that they will experience continued accelerated growth as California moves forward with the transition of low-income seniors and persons with disabilities who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medi-Cal from traditional fee-for-service to “integrated care delivery models,” or managed care plans, in June 2013.

Dr. El Asmar supports the transition to managed care. He believes that it will allow medical groups like EHS to improve coordinated care for patients and reduce costs for primary care physicians.

“We all have to realize that the care we’re doing right now isn’t working well,” said Dr. El Asmar. “It’s called managed care. Yeah—we need someone to manage these patients properly.”

The announcement that EHS Medical Group grew by 37 percent in 2012 comes shortly after news that the group acquired 78,000 new members in the Central Valley.

“EHS continues to grow and strengthen in each of our core markets—Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, the Central Valley and Sacramento,” said Peter Winston, Vice President of EHS Medical Group.

“We’re also focusing our efforts on the many changes occurring in California over the next two years, like the Healthy Families conversion, the rural healthcare expansion, the duals and the exchange,” Winston said. “These are all opportunities to unleash our technology and know-how to improve the health of at-risk populations. We look forward to the challenge.”

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