EHS Medical Group Provides Physicians with EHR Systems Through the “Passport to Better Health” Program

By June 22, 2012Newsroom

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 25, 2011 — EHS Medical Group today announced the launch of the “Passport to Better Health” program. Initially, the program will provide 40 physicians within the EHS network with complimentary installation and on-going support of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system based on their demonstrated commitment to improving the general health of the communities they serve.

“Under healthcare reform, the pressure for physicians to adopt EHRs is increasing every day. However, many physicians — especially independent traditional physicians — lack the financial and staffing resources to fund and sustain the preparation, implementation and optimization efforts associated with the transfer from a paper to electronic record system,” said Peter Winston, Executive Administrator of EHS. “By providing some of our most outstanding physicians with complimentary EHR systems, we are not only rewarding them for exemplary patient care, but also giving them the opportunity to successfully participate in the HITECH Act as well as other new performance-based reimbursement programs surrounding the ‘meaningful use’ of EHRs.”

By arranging free and discounted rates on EHR systems, more EHS physicians will be able to purchase systems, meet EHR certification requirements for achieving meaningful use and thereby qualify for reimbursement funds authorized by the HITECH Act.

EHS would like to congratulate the 40 extraordinary physicians chosen to receive free EHR systems on their commitment to the delivery of quality healthcare. EHS will continue to offer rewards to providers who help improve the health of their communities through the “Passport to Better Health” program.

About EHS Medical Group and the Passport to Better Health Program

Launched in 1990, EHS Medical Group is a medical professional corporation and integrated healthcare delivery system that focuses on government programs, organized labor and specialty IPAs. A physician-centric accountable care model promotes growth and sustainability for individual physicians by providing access to a robust offering of products, services and management tools. By empowering physicians, supporting the practice of evidence-based medicine and expanding and integrating as a network, we strive to deliver efficient, cost-effective and high-quality coordinated care to members in California, and throughout the country. For more information, visit

EHS “Passport to Better Health,” is a voluntary program aimed at encouraging and rewarding accountable care practices. The program offers a variety of financial incentives, including installation and ongoing support of an EHR system for their offices.

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