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Medi-Cal Managed Care, and Rural Counties Fear #1

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5 Reasons To Join EHD MD

5 Reasons To Join EHD MD

The Transition to Medi-Cal Managed Care and Rural Counties

Medi-Cal Managed Care arrives in California’s 26 rural counties in 2013.  The transition won’t be an easy one, but it’s not an impossible task.  Attempts to standardize care in rural counties has often failed; Medi-Cal is committed to successfully implementing Managed Care in 2013.

A big fear faced in this transition is one shared by both physicians and patients—the loss of the personal touch.  While urban dwellers are not always accustomed to personal relationships with their physicians, those from rural areas are.  They know their physicians are familiar with most aspects of their lives, not just the symptoms compelling a medical visit.

In July, 2012 the California Commission on Aging and the California Collaborative for Long-Term Services and Supports issued a paper summarizing meetings held in Sacramento.  In its executive summary, the Commission recognized that interfering with existing doctor-patient relationships is a major hurdle for Medi-Cal’s Managed Care system.

The exact dates are still up in the air but Medi-Cal patients in rural areas may only receive care from Medi-Cal Managed Care providers possibly sometime in mid summer of  2013. It may begin in June and then phase in over time. More details of the dates will follow on this website as hard dates are announced. In the mean time, it is crucial that physicians treating Medi-Cal patients are enrolled in a Managed Care program or network before then.

The enrollment process can is simply signing the EHS Providers Agreement.  This Agreement then allows the Managed Care program to assess the potential resources in the area and the best ways to maximize services for both patients and physicians.

Doctors, do your homework.  Consider the needs of your patients and what’s required of them in the coming year.  Think about how you can serve them best, while streamlining your workload. EHS Medical Group is a Managed Care network that focuses on this community.  EHS utilizes SynerMed’s CONNECT portal which provides the best professional medical management tools for complete  managed care.  Joining a managed care network like  EHS will serve both your patients and your practice.