VIDEO: Creating a Functional Population Health Program in Medi-Cal Managed Care

By April 20, 2016Newsroom

Speaker: Peter Winston Executive Vice President of Synermed
Location: CHCF Alumni Meeting 2016 DC3

Peter Winston, Executive Vice President of SynerMed and EHS Medical Group, was the guest speaker at California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) Alumni Meeting on March 4, 2016. During his presentation, “Creating a Functional Population Health Program in Medi-Cal Managed Care,” he discussed solutions for improving population health and lowering healthcare costs for patients with chronic conditions that are utilizing a majority of Medi-Cal and Medicaid funds.

One of the models of care Mr. Winston cited was the Downtown Coordinated Care Center (DC3), a multiservice, multilingual free clinic located in downtown Los Angeles that cares for the psychosocial needs of the sickest 1% of the at-risk patient population. The goals of the DC3 are to create better clinical outcomes, lower total costs, reduce frequency of ER visits, and improve patient and caregiver satisfaction.